Learning the Ropes of Starting an Online Business

Well, it is now the year 2015 and I have already started working towards my new year’s resolutions.  I am laying down new floors in my house, soon to start potty training my sweet little Elorie, and the biggest venture of all, getting ready to start an online business!!!

That’s right!  I am taking a Web Business course with BYU-I online classes and I have just concluded the first official lesson.  This week the most valuable thing I learned was how to use a new tool online called “Google Keyword Planner.”  You simply go to google.com/adwords/ and start up your own account for free.  It includes the Keyword Planner as one of the tools to help you get started.  It is excellent in helping determine if your business idea has any real demand or competition and will tell you what keywords are popularly used on google.  It even gives a nice bar graph of how often the term was searched in every month of the year.

In addition, the class readings provided case studies of a group struggling to choose what business they’ll go with.  We looked at several different types of business models online (http://digitalenterprise.org/models/models.html) as well as some brainstorming ideas (http://bizthoughts.mikelee.org/brainstorming-business-ideas.html).  As for myself, since I already teach piano lessons, I am hoping to do something with that.  Possibly just a blog for my students and their families as well as any other piano-loving-viewers that will provide practice tips, theory lessons, spotlights and videos of student’s pieces.  Then I can either create worksheets to provide at an additional cost or use music ads.

All in all it has been an inspiring lesson this week and I’ve got my brain turning on exactly how I’ll set everything up.  Keep tuned and I’ll fill you in next week on some more juicy details of how to get your own web business off the ground!


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